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Peter Fitzpatrick

Peter Fitzpatrick’s work ranges from the more traditional photographic practice to experimental digital works that involve the use of LED and laser light sources with inkjet technology.

“Baudrillard points to the photograph as the object left behind after the action of photography. My art practice is concerned with the process before the action of photography takes place, photography being the tension of the muscles, the flow of the cerebral juices and the pull of the mechanical and biological irises in unison to focus the subject of interest. Whether I am working on narrative sequences or explorations into digital light functions; selection, study and insignificance of subjects are what are relevant. I fix my attention onto what most would consider the noise of life.

The action and object is the path to the result, communication with the audience. I have never felt obliged or restricted by the medium of photography practice or the current flurry of theories/classifications of post post-modernism. The approach has always been simple, starting first with observation of a subject and this has ranged from watching a woman eat french fries one at a time, nibble by nibble in a supermarket or the dance of dust particles within the stream of the pulsating light from a plasma laser.

The initial observation generates the idea and the visual avenue for the communication to take place, analogue or digital, series or singular, still or moving. I consider success when the object gives way to visual experience.”

(Peter Fitzpatrick 2006)