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Judith Ahern

“I have been making photographs for over twenty years. My practice includes work in the mediums of black and white photography, color photography, alternative processes and video art. In my photographic work I have explored notions of documentary practice, photographing in the diverse contexts of Las Vegas, Death Valley, Disneyland, Paris, Tamworth and Nashville.

Some of my recent projects have included the series After Atget, a series printed on platinum palladium and photographed in Paris on 8 × 10 format. This series revisits the sites that Atget photographed in Paris in the early 1900s. It is a re-photographic project, where it is possible to see the changes that have occurred at the sites as well as to investigate the practice of this artist.

Other recent series include: In the Garden, photographs depicting English gardens. Britney Is a Slapper is a series of colour prints taken in and around the environs of London. The photographs show details of life in the outer suburbs of London: street scenes, shop fronts, interiors and signs of the iconography of everyday life.

My most recent body of work addressed the area of representation of Northern Territory landscapes. One series of colour prints depicts interiors of Palmerston display village housing and exteriors of houses from these ideal living estates on the fringes of suburbia and the bush. Another series details in black and white platinum contact prints images of the natural and man-made landscape. The series of large colour prints of details of the sky is the third series of Territory Landscapes."

(Judith Ahern 2006)