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Vanila Netto

My art practice embraces multiple activities, such as drawing, object making, and video, although I focus mainly on the creation of staged photographic images, making use of both analogue and digital technologies – I shoot on film and output the images digitally.

Since 2000 I have started to create photographic works triggered by the found object, which I dismantle, assemble and reassemble to form environments or new forms. I am particularly drawn to a few Modern avant-garde artists, who adopted a reductive vocabulary. I often associate my ensembles with the beautiful and noble object envisioned by Le Corbusier without making use of obvious or direct visual allusions as it is not my intention to reflect the past, but to expose other ‘realities’, following a personal concept of re-invention and re-use.

The human figure – the models are friends – and selected discarded objects are reconfigured in order to emphasise the intense, the unexpected, and the unusual in simple, improvised interventions. Together they become poetic devices connected to future-oriented visionary constructions. I am interested in questioning established relationships that consumer culture has with goods and utility by making photographs that suggest alternative systems exploring the possibilities of unusual functionality, as well as the aesthetic qualities and nobility of modest, underrated sources – rejected goods and non-celebrity people.

(Vanila Netto 2007)