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Sue Ford

“I started photography in 1960. I spent a year at RMIT. The following year I opened a studio in Little Collins St. in Melbourne, Victoria. The images I produced in the studio at this time were published in my book A Sixtieth of a Second: Portraits of Women 1961 – 1981 and exhibited at the National Gallery of Victoria in 1988 and at the Art Gallery of NSW in 1982 entitled The Photo Book of Women.

In 1974 I showed the Time Series I at the National Gallery of Victoria. This series consisted of 16 diptych portraits, representing the same person over a ten year interval. This series is ongoing with the most recent series being produced in 2006.

In my solo show at the National Gallery of Victoria in 1994 I composed large-scale laser print murals, the subject of this work being Post-Colonial Australia.

In 1997 my 16-mm film Faces 1976 – 1996 was presented as a multi-screen installation at the Australian Centre for Photography NSW in Sydney. This film was made in two parts in 1976 and 1996 and was two moving portraits of 16 people made twenty years apart. In a recent screening of Faces 1976 – 1996, (a four-screen installation at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) as part of the exhibition Remembrance in 2003.

A recent photographic series Continuum explores ideas of transition, impermanence and change and uses the subject of bushfire in the Australian landscape. One aspect of a project supported by an Australia Council of the Arts Fellowship project is to select and develop unseen photographic and film and video work from 1960 to the current day. A major series as part of this project is Self Portrait with Camera 1961 – 2006, a series that has been developed over a 45-year period.”

(Sue Ford 2006)