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Scott Redford

"I’m not sure I would call myself a photographer exactly. I am more a visual artist who often uses photography. I take my own photos (usually with a Canon auto focus) and I work with other photographers on various projects of my conception. I also make video (with collaborators) and pornography. I collect images from magazines and the web and have made a number of collage works over the years. I also paint, make objects and sculpture and public sculpture. I make prints both with digital technology and with more traditional means. I often work with fabricators to realise works but I also have a traditional studio practice. I sometimes also write and curate. I would like to work more in fashion, design, advertising and architecture but am often constrained financially from doing more in those areas.

I see no difference between the so called high and low cultures but I do think popular culture is more representative of contemporary life than fine art. I regard my attitudes as being in the tradition of the early modernists and I do not see post modernism as any real break with modernism. Nor do I think post modernism has ended.

And whilst I am continually asking myself 'What actually is this activity known as art?' I don’t wish to approach the world from a position of critique and prefer a strategy of immersion and connection. However I realise that ultimately I’m as romantic about art and life as anybody."

(Scott Redford 2006)