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Sandy Nicholson

"Growing up in Australia, Sandy collected lizards and snakes. He dreamed of becoming a herpetologist and having his own reptile park. Sandy turned to photography instead, he found photographs easier to store and look after than snakes. Sandy’s large-scale photographic survey work mirrors the process that biologists follow, collecting many sample of the same subject over a long period of time. His first large body of work, Suburban Fetish, investigates the hidden world of fetishism in suburban Melbourne. Lifts looks surreptitiously at the behaviour of people in elevators around the world and 2nd collects and catalogues the moment people come 2nd in competitions.

Sandy's photographs have been exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery, London, the World Expo, Lisbon, Fotofeis, Scotland and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney and the World Press touring show. He has been published in American Photography 2007, Financial Times Magazine, Wired, Saturday Night Magazine, Rolling Stone, Fortune, New York Magazine, Geo, Ad-busters and Communication Arts and American Photography. Sandy's first documentary short film, titled The Memory Merchant with the National Film Board of Canada was released in 2006. His first monograph 2nd: The Face of Defeat was published in the fall of 2008 by the Magenta Foundation."

(Sandy Nicholson 2007)