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Phillip George

The work of Phillip George arrives at the photographic via painting. His work ranges from painting over photographic emulsion on canvas in the 70s and early 80s, to mixed media in the late 80s, to interactive installations and digital imaging in the 90s to present.

George’s digital photographs and multi-media installations are concerned with the collisions of the East and West’s depictions of transnational cultural spaces. The works are distinguished by their seamless moulding of historical continuum and the contemporary geo-political. His vivid condensation of artistic and scientific analogies contributes to the resolution of the particularly difficult millennial double bind occupying theorists and artists nationally and internationally. George’s practice has continued to focus on paradoxical concepts of the image’s contrivance and the handmade within the photographic. Through this we can retrace the artist’s specific trajectory throughout the discourse on art, photography and politics – that ranges from the conceptual debates in art to the technological shifts from analogue to the digital. George’s practice and extensive travels gives form to his contrapuntal perceptions within contemporary art.

(Phillip George 2007)