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Petrina Hicks

Petrina Hicks creates finely detailed colour portraits of teenagers. The portraits, although seemingly realistic, are subtly manipulated by the artist, showing a sophisticated and restrained use of digital technology.

Hicks' work deals with the tension between perfection and imperfection, between ideal and reality. Her images are manipulated in a twofold way: skin or hair imperfections are removed in much the same way it is done in the advertising industry. At the same time, however, Hicks highlights and exaggerates slight imperfections such as scars, a lazy eye or dry lips. The contrast between the almost sterile look of digitally-manipulated glamour portraits and individual flaws gives her portraits a slightly strange and eerie quality. Hicks’ images, despite using modern technology, have an old-fashioned portrait feel. The stillness and monumental quality of the work highlights the honesty and greater transparency that can be seen in teenagers' faces.