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Peta Clancy

“In my photographs I pursue a fascination with the human body in particular notions of transience, temporality and mutability. The Visible Human Bodies (2005) series features photographs of drawings of the human figure created using living bacteria as a drawing medium. She carries it all like a map on her skin (2005) series are intimate photographic studies of details of the surface of the body, such as lips and eyes, in an exploration of the temporality of the human body and skin. For the Dust series (2000-2005) I photographed dust (shedding skin) floating in beams of light.”

(Peta Clancy 2006)

“These photographs form exquisite topographies of absent bodies. They are magical pictures where the body appears to have dematerialized”. (Louiseann Zahra, Expiration, exh. cat., Melbourne: RMIT Project Space/Spare Room, 2005).