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Max Pam

Since 1970, Max Pam has developed a body of work that speaks to his encounters with different cultures as he travels through areas as diverse as Yemen, Madagascar, Ethiopia, Indian and Karakoram. Pam is committed to the "power of photography to produce a space of exchange between subject, viewer and photographer". To document such exchanges, he uses journals that combine texts, photographs and marks on paper.
“Sometimes provocative, at others intensely lyrical, always intriguing, his photography and the accompanying notes present a portrait of the artist as much as the people and places he has witnessed”.

(quotes from brochure for Atlas Monographs, T&G Publishing:Sydney, 2007)

Deploying plastic cameras, saturated and overexposed colours, digital prints, colour and black & white, photocopying and apparent accidents, Pam has been celebrated as a writer, photographer and artist who manages to capture the intricate and intimate experiences that travel offers to the willing observer.