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Marcia Lochhead

"A fascination with the human body and visual metaphors for bodily fluids have been the prevailing themes underpinning Marcia Lochhead’s work for more than a decade of artistic practice.

Her work evokes the contemplation of the human body in its many different guises: the public and private, the political, the historical, the social and the sexual. These ideas have influenced the expression of her artistic concepts, processes and material palette.

The Inwards series was inspired by the manner in which medical investigations were conducted in the 16th to 18th centuries. The work draws parallels with this practice and the quest for knowledge through geographical explorations of the landscape.

Mirror depicts the swimming pool as a social and institutional setting where private and public experiences are shared. Each pool in this group of photographic images gently reflects the surrounding environment back into the surface of the water. It offers the audience an introspective experience drawn from personal memory.

Marcia’s other works investigate the passing of bodily fluids, sexual activity and the sexual body through photography, sculpture and sound installations."

(Marcia Lochhead 2006)