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Lyndal Walker

“The motivation for all my work is a concern with transience, mortality and the representation of time. I am also interested in the way that popular culture addresses these issues so that the immediacy and threat of loss present in so much advertising, fashion photography and rock music is exciting fodder for me. Through investigating these forms, I also address issues of identity, gender, lifestyle, and desire.

The series of work, called Stay Young seeks to capture the fleeting beauty of men in their early twenties… They are photographed in their homes with a snapshot camera and there is no attention to hair or make-up. While the boys are photographed in a very raw way, we still don't really know much about Luke, Ford or Gerry. There is no pretence that a photograph can capture a person or life in a fraction of a second."

(Lyndal Walker 2007)

"In House Style, the photographs document the interiors of share households in Melbourne. As a form of interior design, the share household is very under valued but I think that there are many aspects that are interesting in their own right as well as for what they say about the home's occupants, young people in the 1990s and taste and style generally."

(Lyndal Walker 1997)