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Jane Burton

Jane Burton’s photographs explore the psychological terrain of bleak romanticism, a theatrical backdrop for hidden thoughts and feelings. There is nothing dry about these strange interiors, figures and landscapes – both urban and natural. Often possessing an element of film noir, they are imbued with mystery and sensuality. This approach cannot help but recall the times of shadowy murder-mysteries and crime dramas from the 1950s.

Black and white, in our neon age, has become a touchstone for a time apart; regardless of what is depicted, the stygian blacks of the shadows of forlorn trees contrasted with the harsh whites of neon hotel signs or mysterious, naked women framed in a window shift the viewer into a realm of secrets and intrigue. When she moves into sumptuous colour, almost regardless of subject – whether earlier hospital wards or later sensual nudes – Burton retains a sense of longing and melancholia.