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Glenn Sloggett

“No matter where I go, I always find places and environments that are in the process of falling down. These are the images of Australia that resonate most strongly for me as an artist. I want to capture the last signs of optimism before inevitable disrepair.” (Glenn Sloggett, 2006)

Writing of the phenomena of emptiness that emerges in Sloggett’s and the work of other contemporary photomedia artists, Anne Ferran suggests that the photographs “have something of that same in-between quality of not knowing what kind of thing they are. Vis-à-vis photography’s traditional task – of capturing time, of bearing witness – they are at a loss… Yet… they possess a formal assurance that says they are sure of something… As such they might turn out to be the variant form of photograph best suited to the times we are in” (“Empty” Photofile, Sept, 2002, 9)