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Emil Goh

The main focus of Emil Goh’s practice is the details of living in cities. In 2000, he made his first between video, which showed a series of 360 degree video panoramas of different apartments and their window views in London (followed by between (Hong Kong) 2002 & between (Seoul) 2004). The following year, he started his series of video snapshots or long photographs that were closer to 60 seconds than 1/60th second (Styrofoam 2001, Mall 2001). He then began concentrating more on his still images like the Lantern series, 2002 (glowing after-hour office blocks) & bldg 2003 (light trails of birds above a skyscraper).

Emil Goh was born in Johor Bahru, Malaysia and moved to Australia when he was 19. In October 2003, he was awarded an Asialink Artist in Residency in Seoul where he researched urban Korean pop culture. His first project was documenting the Couplelook 2004 phenomenon (newlyweds in his & hers outfits) and his latest work, mycy, looks at the personalized online habitats of Cyworld, Korea’s most popular blogging service.

(Emil Goh statement received in 2006 and revised slightly after his death on September 7, 2009.)