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Daniel Crooks

Daniel Crooks combines technical mastery with a poetic sensibility to create works that distort time and perspective. His Time Slice series is an ongoing research project that includes videos and digital prints. Crooks uses the camera, precision motion control and digital processing to disrupt our expectations of the experience of time and space. The limits of real time are transgressed and new modes of perception are fostered in this series.

Time Slice exploits motion to chart change over time and invest the resultant images with fluid and organic qualities. The motion of trams, trains, pedestrians, elevators and waves are used to construct planar models of their surroundings in which the boundaries between discrete and continuous moments in time and space are blurred.

The laws of monocular perspective that conventionally govern photographic representation are also challenged by Crooks’ reconfiguration of light, shadow and space. As these flattened, polyocular images lack a distinct focal point through which we can negotiate their pictorial space, they generate a perceptual shift in photographic spectatorship.