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Angela Lynkushka

Angela Lynkushka works in the genre of documentary photography, chronicling contemporary Australian life; recording people in their environment and culture. Her work explores the juncture between photography as art form and as historical document. The photographs strive, beyond the composition, towards a final distillation of a moment – the witness of existence. In her work, identity and place become anchored in history. Lynkushka lived and photographed in Brunswick for fifteen years. The Brunswick Years 1976 - 1990 is a project that shaped itself as it proceeded. The material is essentially of migrant life in the inner-city working-class northern suburbs of Melbourne. Come As You Are - Youth Culture 1998 - 2000 features images of young people in rural Victoria, urban streetscapes, interiors and suburban backblocks... captured on their own terrain, revealing themselves to an open lens, their stories are told. More recent photographs focus on figurative work connected to the environment.